Dollar.Digital (DD) is a simple cryptocurrency but it is above all a revolutionary game that makes you rich: when the market goes up, Dollar.Digital makes you rich, and when the market goes down, Dollar.Digital makes you rich!

Max total supply of Dollar.Digital (DD) is only 1 million!
  • Minimum investment: 50 USD
  • Investment over 250 USD: %25 Bonus
  • Investment over 1000 USD: 1 Jungle NFT

– In the first phase (up to: 1 DD = 100 USD) Dollar.Digital (DD) increases by 10 USD after the purchase of every 1000 DD.


You are in luck, Dollar.Digital (DD) is still at: 
          1 DD = 10 USD
  • In all there are only 1000 DD at 10 USD


To invest in Dollar.Digital (DD) with Ethereum (ETH) sign up below: