Dollar.Digital – Ban The Bank

Hello Jungle community, welcome to the Jungle Of Freedom!
I am The Jaguar: the king of the Jungle Of Freedom and the first member of the Jungle community!
The Jungle Of Freedom is a magical place of love and freedom that has a simple slogan: Ban The Bank.
In the Jungle Of Freedom there are 2 cryptocurrencies named after their 2 great domain names: the first is Dollar.Digital (DD) and the second is Yuan.Digital (YD) which will be launched in late 2023.
Dollar.Digital (DD) is the magical dollar and is very, very profitable both when the crypto market rises and when it falls.
Dollar.Digital is a simple payment system built on the Ethereum blockchain. Max total supply of Dollar.Digital is only 1 million.
Dollar.Digital is a simple cryptocurrency but it is above all a revolutionary win-win game that makes a lot of money.
Dollar.Digital game is inspired by the abundance of nature and it’s just a matter of numbers and simple math.
We live in an extraordinary era, so we have to create extraordinary solutions: that’s why the magical Dollar.Digital was born.
Dollar.Digital is the most innovative cryptocurrency in the world: DD is truly more innovative than any technology!
Dollar.Digital is the first self-sufficient cryptocurrency in the world.
Dollar.Digital is also the first ever growth-only cryptocurrency: the value of DD is always growing and depends only on its spread in the Jungle Of Freedom.
When the crypto market goes up, DD goes up, and when the crypto market goes down, DD goes up. That’s why Dollar.Digital is a magical cryptocurrency!
Growth-only cryptocurrency works thanks to the Jungle community joining the Jungle Of Freedom and thanks to being out of the crypto exchanges.
The community-based DD game is very simple but it is also very effective in this extraordinary era.
The DD game solves 3 big problems in the world of money: inflation, volatility and crashes.
In the event of a world crisis, all currencies can collapse and go to zero. Dollar.Digital does not care if the other currencies collapse or not: Dollar.Digital is magical!
The value of DD is always the one indicated here:
The Jaguar