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Dollar.Digital (DD) is the crypto of The Jaguars: the community protected by the sacred spirit of The Jaguar! Invest a minimum of $100 in Dollar.Digital (DD) and you will see your investment multiply because we are free to multiply money in the Jungle Of Freedom. WE ARE THE JAGUARS. BAN THE BANK.

The Jaguar


Minimum Investment: $100

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Jungle Tokens:


In the Jungle Of Freedom there are 2 different and strategic Jungle tokens named after their 2 great domain names:

  • The first is Dollar.Digital (DD).

  • The second is Yuan.Digital (YD).

Jungle Tokens are unique cryptocurrencies designed to always rise without ever losing value.

In the future there will be a real War Of Money between the 2 Jungle Tokens: Dollar.Digital (DD) Vs. Yuan.Digital (YD).

Now Dollar.Digital is still at: 1 DD = $10. Yuan.Digital will be launched only when Dollar.Digital reaches $100.

Jungle tokens share the same NFT project called: Jungle NFT.

For now you can only invest in the first Jungle Token: Dollar.Digital (DD).