The big problem with all cryptocurrencies is that they are all in the system. The system controls the crypto market. Investing in any cryptocurrency in the crypto market is the same thing, because if the market goes up everything goes up, but if it collapses everything collapses, maybe down to zero. Investing in Dollar.Digital (DD) is different, because DD has its own way and does not follow any system. Freedom lovers invest in DD. Good luck to everyone else who only wants to invest in system-controlled cryptocurrencies.

The Jaguar




The Simple Rules Of The DD Game:

The max total supply of Dollar.Digital (DD) is only 1 million. The value of Dollar.Digital (DD) is always growing and depends only on its spread in the Jungle Of Freedom.
DD starts at 10 USD and goes up by 10 USD for every 1000 DD sold. This means that when the DDs run out at 10 USD, the value of DD becomes 20 USD. When we sell the DDs at 20 USD, it goes to 30 USD (DD value will rise from 10 USD to 20 USD… Up to 100 USD).
At 100 USD a new phase begins where there will no longer be a difference of 10 USD between one value and another: the difference will be 100 USD. In the second phase DD starts at 100 USD and goes up by 100 USD for every 1000 DD sold (DD value will rise from 100 USD to 200 USD… Up to 1000 USD). The second phase ends at DD = 1000 USD.
At 1000 USD a new and longest phase begins where there will no longer be a difference of 100 USD between one value and another: the difference will be 1000 USD. In the third phase DD starts at 1000 USD and goes up by 1000 USD for every 1000 DD sold. (DD value will rise from 1000 USD to 2000 USD… Up to 100.000 USD). The third phase ends at DD = 100.000 USD.
At 100.000 USD a new phase begins which will be unveiled in the future.
If I want to sell my DDs how do I do it?
It’s simple, when we sell all 1000 DDs at the current value, we will start selling the DDs of those who want to sell theirs. For 5 hours whoever wants to sell will have an ethereum address where to send the DDs that he wants to sell. We will notify everyone on Dollar.Digital website and social media channels the time of beginning and end of the 5 hours. Whoever fails to send his DDs to the address established within 5 hours will have to wait for the next value. A simple example: DD is worth 50 USD. We first sell the 1000 DDs for 50 USD then we publish an Ethereum address for 5 hours on our site where those who want to sell their DDs for 50 USD must send their tokens. We then sell these DDs for 50 USD and send the money in ETH to the seller. When we finish all the DDs at 50 USD we go to 60 USD.


– Disadvantages:
It takes a moment of patience to do everything. The DD game is very profitable but it is also a patience game.
– Advantages:
DD is truly a self-sufficient and growth-only cryptocurrency. This is something unique and extraordinary. For example, if you buy DD at 20 USD, you will sell your DDs at 50 USD or at 200 USD or at 1000 USD or at 1,000,000 USD but you will never sell at 10 USD because we never go down to 10 USD.
The value of DD is in USD but if by chance the USD collapses does DD also collapse?
No, if the USD collapses we change our quote into another currency that is not collapsing. The important thing is that DD never goes down.